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About Us

The Shiba is considered one of the cutest dogs out there. Their pointy ears and happy expression say more than a thousand words. 

Founded in The Netherlands in 2018 as an online outlet dedicated to this lovely dog breed, Shiba Shopping has become a fast-growing customer-focused online store dedicated to spreading happiness with Shiba products.

And don't worry: Just because we're based in The Netherlands, it doesn't mean you can't order from us as we ship worldwide for free to 185 countries! It is our mission to remove the boundries and open up the world to the best equipment and accessories so that everyone can can start their day with a smile.

Even though we've grown since our early, humble beginnings, we are still dedicated to providing quality customer service and the best products. We love Shibas and we're passionate about spreading our love and happiness to help make the world a better place.