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Giant Sleepy Shiba Pillow - Shiba Shopping
Giant Sleepy Shiba Pillow - Shiba Shopping
Giant Sleepy Shiba Pillow - Shiba Shopping

Giant Sleepy Shiba Pillow

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Feel the giant chill!

Feeling like something more peaceful? These giant Shiba pillows are here to help! No worries about them getting angry, these are always happy!

Shiba Pillow Angry Ensured comfort, use them as a pillow or plushy. It all works out!

Shiba Pillow Angry Stress reducing! Ever feeling a little overwhelmed? Take a moment to hold your soft Shiba and feel your mind coming to ease.

Shiba Pillow AngryMade out of 100% high-quality organic cotton for extra softness.

Shiba Pillow AngryAll the materials are safe, durable, long-lasting and put together with care! A perfect friend for your little one.


Share your passion!

Are you a Shiba lover or know anyone that has a weakness for them? This cuddly friend makes the perfect gift! No one can resist the angry looks and softness, not even your fellow Shiba.



Our exclusive and unique pillows fall nothing short. Everything is originally made!

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Shiba Pillow AngrySize: 40, 55, 80 and 100 cm / 16, 22, 32 and 40 inches

Shiba Pillow AngryColors: Brown

Shiba Pillow AngryMaterial: 100% organic cotton

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